safety harness on a boom lift

A construction worker gets catapulted off of a boom lift - A valuable lesson about wearing a harness

Be safe, Be healthy, beacause...

Be safe, Be healthy, beacause.

EWP Training

I am sure by now we all know that a White Card is necessary to be able to work on a construction site in Australia, but what about a 'Yellow Card'?


Falls from ladders can have devastating consequences. Ladders should only be used if there is no other alternative, such as an elevating work platform.

Operate a scissor lift safely

A Scissor Lift can be useful on construction sites to perform work at height. However, without adequate training and precautions, they can be hazardous


“I immediately saw the LiftPod as a safe alternative to ladders that could have many uses for our Facilities Department.

Split Second Decision

Split Second Decision

construction accidents melbourne

construction accidents melbourne