Red velvet cake with marshmallow icing from the celebrate 2013 issue

Red velvet cake with marshmallow icing / Rooifluweelkoek met malvalekker-versiersel (Fresh Cream Icing Recipes)

A Little Christmas Magic - Brandy Maple Ice Cream Panettone -recipe

Brandy Maple Ice Cream Panettone by Donna Hay (or use the individual sized panettones)

I love making Pavlova, need to try this elegant shape

spiced Christmas wreath pavlova with eggnog custard - donna hay . another christmas idea

Donna Hay sugar cookie recipe

To change into Cinnamon cookies: omit sanding sugar. Instead, brush with eggwhite & sprinkle with (combined) white cinnamon. Bake as in recipe. She'd done them in a snowflake shape that looked pretty.

GINGERBREAD PEAR AND ALMOND TART | From Donna Hay in Australia issue #63 ~ Perfect for Christmas morning, that’s what this is. It just tastes like Christmas. The crust of the tart is basically an amazing gingerbread cookie topped with ground almonds, sweet marmalade coated pears and topped off with a sprinkling of icing sugar. The dough is so amazing it would also make wonderful cookies on its own. CLICK FOR RECIPE

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