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Pictures from our furniture and homewares store at 8 Winki way, Torquay, Victoria
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a room with chairs, tables and vases on the floor
New merchandising showing the classic teak range
a couch and table in a room with lots of items on the shelves behind it
Super comfy lounge shown in store at Easterly. Can choose from hundreds of fabrics.
two chairs sitting next to each other on top of a wooden floor in front of crates
Outdoor set in store at Easterly. This set comes with two chairs and a table
an assortment of furniture and accessories on display
Store shot of our fabulous moderno buffet
a living room with two orange chairs and a coffee table on the rug in front of it
Ostlig sideboard, coffee table and rug in store at Easterly
chairs and tables are on display at a furniture store
Amazing Larson chair and side table at Easterly
a room filled with lots of different colored vases and other items on display in front of a wooden table
Love the colour contrast and lighting. The white cabinets are our moderno range. Stunning pieces
colorful vases and baskets are stacked on top of each other in front of wooden doors
Beautiful ceramics and textiles in front of a mango screen divider
a red ball sitting on top of a floor next to a basket filled with candy
Our cap stool. Made from metal caps, this stool is very strong and comes in white, red and yellow also. Get for a side table as well.
a wooden table with two chairs and a bowl on it in front of a bookshelf
A mix of different timbers, teak, mango and also metals. Work well together.
a glass table sitting on top of a floor next to a chair
This table and chairs are made from recycled bicycle rims! Very talented and creative manufacturers
a wooden table with two chairs and a bowl on it in a room filled with furniture
Our oval teak table with tapered aluminium legs. Matching coloured stool also. Love this look.
a black and white chair sitting on top of a floor next to a wooden table
Black martini chair with white piping. Also comes in plum, red and yello. A very constable dining chair
a living room scene with focus on the coffee table and entertainment unit in the background
Our Ostlig tv unit and coffee table, as well as a beautiful Armadillo rug. All instore now