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Michael Cremo on Forbidden Archeology and Human Origins

Amazing historical and archaeological evidence that proves the Bible is true. Archeology helps confirm the truth and reliability of the Bible.

Richard Hoagland, ex científico de la NASA: Estamos cerca de un Evento de Falso contacto Extraterrestre

Richard C. Hoagland, is an American author, and Nasa covert employee. He does a damn fine job of spreading luciferian/alien agenda tripe and is not to be trusted.

Moon Secrets Revealed - John Lear & Richard Hoagland Pt 2

The Moon, an artificial base; Who put the moon in a perfect orbit around Earth?

Wikileaks Cables Confirm Existence of Extraterrestrial Life

Official Wikileaks cables suggest that some politicians already know about intelligent extraterrestrial life. You can view the actual cables here.