This mostly white bathroom with a black vanity, has simple pendant lights hanging in the corner.

Screening from toilet 6 Ideas For Creating A Minimalist Bathroom // Create Contrast --- Even though the walls should be kept fairly light, bringing in darker elements, like black hardware, can make a bold statement without bringing in unnecessary objects.

Albert Park Apartment by Griffiths Design Studio | est living

Drawn in by the light and the dynamic coastal views, this apartment in Melbourne’s Albert Park is the product of the savvy team at Griffiths Design Studio.

patricia urquiola architetto / il sereno, lago di como

The best dining room sets created by Patricia Urquiola arrived! The best of Patricia Urquiola for your dining room.

5 canapés modernes et colorés pour cet été | Des canapés design | #maison, #décoration, #luxe | Plus de nouveautés sur


STUDIO OINK HOUSE CAL II Studio Oink again! Their latest coup, House Cal II, stands out with its earthy tones and soft materials like velvet, fur and carpets. Get the style: Flos IC Light by Michael.

Over/Under by SP01 X Ladies & Gentlemen - Design Milk

Over/Under by SP01 X Ladies & Gentlemen

Australia's has come stateside with the launch of a concept shop developed in collaboration with Ladies & Gentlemen Studio (L&G Studio). Get the scoop on it here!

TossB Stand at Euroluce. Photo by Nick Hughes | Yellowtrace

Best New Lighting and Stands at Euroluce 2017

With it's unique hinged disk, Ross Gardam's Polar Wall Light has the ability to cleverly manipulate light and shadow within any space.

Polar Wall Light by Ross Gardam

With it& unique hinged disk, Ross Gardam& Polar Wall Light has the ability to cleverly manipulate light and shadow within any space.

Local Design Ora by Ross Gardam, Australian Designers Milan |

Australian Designers at Milan Design Week 2017

Composer's Sconce

To know more about Allied Maker Composer's Sconce, visit Sumally, a social network that gathers together all the wanted things in the world! Featuring over 6 other Allied Maker items too!