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I am in love with "Plastic Fantastic" (aqua polish on ring finger), my favorite color of the year! I used 4 of the 8 polishes in "Our 8 Top Favourites" nail set by They have some of the most creative and fun names, not to mention I love their products!

Grey and Neon Yellow Striped Mani!

I usually don't pin nail stuff, but this is EFD yellow! Our Firetrucks are this color, and with the grey, it looks like the reflective stripes on gear, I would actually do this for a fire dinner. Gray and Neon Yellow Striped Mani

Cool! MAC Makeup Outlet! $6 OMG!! Holy cow, I'm gonna love this site!!!

VIEW LARGE Might as well do one of my cosmetic bag! Participating in the What's In Your Bag? what you see is not even half of the make up I own. I have a larger bag full of probably over 80 jars filled with MAC pigments