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Clearly meant to be (;"in nikkis house Home Theater. her house has 6 floors. but its not like a sky scraper. this is on the floor up from the basement the one under the main floor. theres also a wine celler under the basement"

I've been waiting for these to exist all my life. Wireless earphones with built in music player OR pair with phone for music AND taking calls AND waterproof AND noise isolation AND fitness tracker. So exciting.

the dash by bragi is a pair of truly wireless headphones set to revolutionize fitness tracking and audio media consumption

Taken by me @ akemi images fb

Taken by me @ akemi images fb

What a great idea, might do this with our old fridge.

Repurpose an old refrigerator into an ice chest. Great idea - I am thinking for us it would make more sense to repurpose a mini-fridge so we wouldn't need to use as much ice. Don't forget to drill a hole for water removal!