Sydney, Australia / 26. Aboriginal. Blonde Hair. Green eyes. Crazy. Passionate. Political. Fun. www.ramblinggirle.tumblr.com (I moved!)
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She's in jail.   :(

She's in jail.

She believed she could...

We are what we believe and we can achieve what we believe we can. Remind yourself daily with this sweet printable wall art. Frame it or use a little mod podge to put it on a canvas. Many ways to make fun wall art for your home!File size is in pdf an

Ok need a pane of glass and some friends...

Take a picture of a friend with their LOL. I am so making my friends do this! face squished against glass. Assign to phone contact. It'll look like thy're trapped inside your phone!

Me, Montreal 2012

Nerd Girl Problem 44 - When You Wear Fandom Shirts And People Give You Odd Looks. I have worn mlp and doctor who and the looks people give me are crazy.

Bitches Love Wine

Brandy and Wine. Want Good Ideas About Wine Then Check This Out! Wine has been a luxurious escape and way to celebrate life since the beginning of time. To get the fullest potential out of wine, learn more about it.