Evan Whyatt

Evan Whyatt

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia  ·  Born: Adelaide, South Australia 1975 Live: Melbourne, Victoria Since 2015
Evan Whyatt
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Predator Alien, Alien Alien, Alien Races, King On Throne, Predator Tattoo, Giger Art, Evil Art, 3d Painting, Xenomorph, Stamping, Monsters, Superhero, Tattoos, Movie, Fantasy Creatures, Pull Apart, Warriors, Jackets, Science

In the provocative drama, Brokeback Mountain, Heath Ledger plays Ennis Del Mar, one of two cowboys who embark on a secret love relationship that lasts throughout their lives.

Anatomy poster of a gremlin. I always imagined they were just full of candy and rainbows. Lol

Anatomy of a Mogwai - Another fantastic anatomical movie monster by Minneapolis based illustrator Brad McGinty. This poster details the anatomy of the cute little Mogwai from Gremlins.