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Less dribbble shot

Here's an exercise to try some drag and drop animations in Principle. I know this is quite far from being a good UX experience for an e-commerce. Just having fun and experimenting as always :P Wat.

VSCO Photo Library

Sharing a little new piece of VSCO Redesign I am working on. This time it's the Photo Gallery screen. The screen where all the magic happens. These are not all the screens connected to t.

App navigation ux ui ramotion

Another clean UI for upcoming app that we’ve been working on. Left screen shows ‘like’ and simple sharing process, and the right one - adding video scenario. We will appreciate your feedbacks, d.

Time Widget

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Widget animation

Here’s a new roundup with more nice UI animations that we’ve come across recently. Everything from subtle micro-animations to more majestic content loaders. Make sure to clap if you’d like to see…