Classic Chocolate Caramel Slice | Donna Hay

This easy slice recipe with sticky caramel and rich chocolate is a delicious pick-me-up for when you need something sweet.

Substitutes for refined sugar.

How to Substitute Sugar with Healthy Sugar Alternatives. I like the idea of using honey or maple syrup instead of sugar.

Portuguese Chicken Skewers with Yogurt Dip by seasonsandsuppers: Quick, easy and delicious, these Portuguese chicken skewers use always moist chicken thighs, rubbed in Portuguese inspired spices and grilled or broiled. Served with a Coriander Yogurt Sauce. #Chicken #Portugese #Yogurt #Cayenne_Pepper #Smoked_Paprika #Oregano #Healthy

Portuguese Chicken Skewers with a Cilantro Yogurt Dip

These Portuguese chicken skewers use always moist boneless, skinless chicken thighs, rubbed in a spice mix and served with a yogurt sauce.

Apple-Almond Cake (Apfel-Marzipan-Kuchen) Recipe on Food52 recipe on Food52

Apple-Almond Cake (Apfel-Marzipan-Kuchen)

Apple-Almond Cake (Apfel-Marzipan-Kuchen) halve the apples double the salt

Chocolate and pistachio slice...changing the ingredients and making this raw with freezed dried raspberry powder

Christmas chocolate pistachio slice - Easy grown up fridge cake from Donna Hay