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multiple images of different colors and shapes in the same image, each with their own reflection
Humane Society of Utah Sets Up A Dog Photo Booth To Steal Your Hearts Again - Animals
Humane Society of Utah sets up a dog photobooth to encourage adoptions
a woman laying in the grass with her dog
A Photographer and Her Dog Lucy » Laurel McConnell Photography
i love this!! althought i think hero would try kissing me to death lol
a woman holding a dog in her arms
dog photographer, cat photographer & pet photographer specializing in on-location pet photos for Atlanta and surrounding north Georgia
Dog Photographer Leesia Teh » Atlanta Pet Photography | Atlanta Pet Portraits | Professional Dog Photography
three dogs are looking at the camera with their eyes wide open and one dog's nose is sticking out
Adobe launches Creative Cloud 2015 with a host of new features
Creative photo ideas for August: 04 Shoot your pets in creative ways
a woman is kissing a dog by the water
crescentmoon b & w
four different pictures with dogs and people in the same photo, one has a dog on it
18 Lessons You Learn When Dating A Girl Who Loves Her Dog
You know you’ve hit the jackpot if you’re dating a girl who loves her dog. She’s playful, energetic, friendly, and loyal, just like her fluffy counterpart. Even so, there are a few things you’ve probably figured out by now. For one you come to realize you have some tough four-pawed compawtition for ruv. But don’t worry. With dog people, theres enough to go around!
a brown dog sitting on top of a stone bench
What Dog Breed Should I Get Based on My Personality Type?
Rhodesian Ridgebacks
a woman holding a dog in her arms
A little bit of life.
a dog paw with the words i pledge to always keep you safe
Animals have always had a special place in my life and in my heart and soul. Always a special connection and amazing.
a brown and white dog laying in the grass
Hair of the Dog Pet Photography Education
Top Ten – Bokeh » Photography Marketing and Business Tips for Pet Photographers – Hair of the Dog