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Creamy, filling and warm – thanks for this crowd pleaser Sprinkles & Sprouts!  #italian #delicious #recipe

Sausage & Rosemary Risotto

Creamy, filling, warm – this risotto’s got all the makings of a fantastic winter dinner. Our beans give the delicious rice dish an additional texture amongst the flavours of the herbed sausages and fragrant rosemary. Sprinkle with parmesan right before serving for the perfect finish!

Get your hands on a slice of this sensational Feta & Sweet Onion Tart! Thanks for the recipe Sprinkles & Sprouts. #vegetarian #entertaining #entree

Feta & Sweet Onion Tart

Sweet, salty and savoury, this tart is the ideal entree when you’re entertaining guests. The added beetroot works flawlessly with the flavours of the feta and sweet onion. It’s so sensational, it will be hard to stop at just one slice!

Indulgently rich and velvety, this Decadent Chocolate Tart is one dreamy dessert.  #delicious #winter #recipe

Decadent Chocolate Tart

Chick peas in a chocolate tart? Sounds crazy, but the only thing that’s crazy is how incredibly indulgent this silky smooth delight is. The added vegie gives the dish a velvety texture, disguised in the chocolatey depths of the mixture. This truly is the dessert of your dreams.

Go on, dive right into this irresistibly cheesy pull apart loaf by Phoodie.  #vegetarian #bread #recipe

Cheese & Herb Pull-Apart

Whoever told you not to play with your food clearly hasn’t laid their hands on this irresistible pull apart loaf. It’s crunchy, it’s cheesy, and the added corn kernels give it just the right amount of sweetness. No need to hold back with this one, go on and dive right in.

Impress your guests with a slice of this unbeatable banana bread.   #dessert #baking #recipe

Banana Bread

Soft, crunchy and sweet with just the right amount of spice, there’s not much that can beat a slice of this banana bread. Our version is made with added chick peas, giving this moist and delicious favourite a hidden nutritious kick (don’t tell the kids!). Serve this one up with a dollop of mascarpone and a drizzle of honey, and watch the whole family run back for seconds.

Watch everyone come running to the dinner table when you serve this up.  #food #familyfavourite #recipe

Mediterranean Crostata

Everyone will be rushing to the dinner table to get a taste of this Mediterranean-style recipe. The added cannellini beans provide an extra texture amongst the crispy prosciutto, blistered tomatoes and chargrilled zucchini. Ahhh, our mouths are watering just thinking about it!

The delicious flavours in this Hoki with Spiced Couscous dish fly off the plate!  #dinner #pescetarian #fish

Hoki with Spiced Couscous

It’s always handy to have a tried and true fish recipe at the ready. With this dish, the flavours come at you from all angles, from the sweet burst of pomegranate seeds and the nuttiness of the chick peas, to the zest of the lemon and the tang of the yoghurt. Pull this one out around Easter or when entertaining guests.

Want to sneak more vegies into your dishes? Sweeten the deal with this melt-in-your-mouth Lemon Slice.  #dessert #recipe #sweettreat

Lemon Slice

If the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, this is the recipe that will take you there. The tartness of the lemon cuts through the sweetness of the mixture for an unbelievable treat. The lucky recipient of this slice will be so swept up in the deliciousness they’ll never even know there’s a vegie inside!

Get creative in the kitchen with this recipe for homemade Sweet Chilli Tuna Rice Paper Rolls!  #dinner #snack #corn

Sweet Chilli Tuna Rice Paper Rolls

You don’t have to travel to Vietnam to find a tasty recipe for rice paper rolls! Our version features delicious slices of tuna wrapped up with crunchy sticks of carrot and cucumber, and sweet bursts of corn kernels. Dip them in a bit of extra sweet chilli sauce and you’re set.

Win anyone over with these dangerously delicious Bliss Balls!  #dessert #chocolate #recipe

Bliss Balls

The name says it all. One glorious bite into these raw goodies is undeniably blissful for your tastebuds. The added chick peas provides a bit of crunch, which works wonderfully with the sweetness of the dates and the chocolatey cocoa. Trust us, these treats are your stairway to foodie heaven!

The best thing about this Creamy Coconut Prawn & Corn Salad after the sensational taste? No cooking necessary!  #seafood #dinner #recipe

Creamy Coconut Prawn & Corn Salad

Think you can’t throw something delicious together in 10 minutes? Think again, because that’s all the time this prawn salad needs! We’ve tossed in some green beans for extra crunch amongst the bright flavours of the capsicum and onion. Topped with a creamy coconut dressing, it’s simply mouth-watering.

De-lish! Can you believe this amazing Pavlova has no egg whites?  #delicious #dessert #recipe

Passionfruit & Raspberry Pavlova

Ever attempted Australia’s favourite dessert without using egg whites? Sounds crazy, but we’ve made this Passionfruit & Raspberry Pavlova using our chick pea liquid, which means the meringue is vegan! You’ll be surprised how unbelievably delicious this tastes.

Every Aussie BBQ needs a side of spuds! Give this yummy Roast Potato Salad with Crispy Bacon a whirl.  #summer #sidedish #recipe

Deli Roast Potato & Crispy Bacon Salad

There’s no denying that Aussies love potato salad and this recipe is a tasty twist on the traditional dish. Serve it warm with bacon bits, peas and crunchy chick peas, then drizzle it all in a creamy mustard mayo. Everyone will love this one – take it to your next BBQ!

These incredible homemade Lamb & Rosemary Sausage Rolls are perfect for parties! Recipe courtesy of Erin Made This.  #australianfood #delicious #recipe

Lamb & Rosemary Sausage Rolls

Try as you will, but there’s just no beating the taste of homemade sausage rolls. This true blue recipe uses lamb for the filling, and we’ve added extra flavour by including our peas in the mixture. Everyone will be reaching for these first at your next party!

Planning a barbie? Feast on these tasty Prawns with Pesto Butter.  #summer #holidays #recipe

Prawns with Pesto Butter

When sizzle season rolls around, almost nothing beats prawns hot off the grill! The sweetness of the added capsicum cuts through the richness of the tasty pesto butter to create a flavour that everyone will love. Depending on the size of your prawns, this is a fantastic recipe to serve to your guests as an entree or main.

Sticky, sweet and a BBQ fave! Try these Thai Spare Ribs with Caramelised Pineapple.  #summer #bbq #recipe

Thai Spare Ribs with Caramelised Pineapple

Just like a hot summer’s night, these Thai Spare Ribs with Caramelised Pineapple are sticky and sweet. Topped with the added grilled corn, this dish is full of amazing flavours. These are best cooked on the BBQ so you get that perfectly charred outer.