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This simple Lentil Salad drizzled in a Lemon Herb Dressing will blow you away!  #lunch #beans #vegetarian

Lentil Salad with Lemon Herb Dressing

The key to any great salad is a beautifully simple dressing. This dish is drizzled in a tangy lemon herb dressing that lifts every ingredient and the addition of the black eye beans turns this creation into a more substantial meal. It’s one of our favourite vegetarian lunch options and it will soon be yours too!

Yes, we snuck black beans in this Brownie recipe and yes, they taste amazing.  #dessert #chocolate #recipe

Black Bean Brownie

Did you know our black beans are so adaptable they can even be added to your favourite desserts? Yep, this might just be our favourite brownie recipe yet – it’s moist, sweet and nutty. Definitely a recipe to add to your sweet collection!

Add these mind-blowing tortilla cups to the menu! Impress your guests with this take on Chilli Con Carne.  #snack #delicious #recipe

Chilli Con Carne Tortilla Cups

Fancy a twist on the humble burrito? This is the recipe you’ve been looking for! We’ve used tortillas as the casing, then stuffed them with a slightly spicy mixture of Chilli Con Carne and added black beans for a boost of fibre. Genius!

Trust us, there’s no beating this tasty homemade vegetarian Black Bean Burger!  #beans #yummy #recipe

Black Bean Burgers

We dare you to find a vegetarian burger better than this one! The black bean patty has a boost of fibre, creamy chunks of fetta and bursts of spring onions. Customise the toppings to suit your tastes and you’re ready to go!

Holy guacamole! These Black Eye Bean Nachos are perfect!  #mexican #delicious #recipe

Black Eye Bean Nachos

Everyone loves nachos, right? Well we’ve got the perfect recipe for them, featuring our mouth-watering tomato salsa that’s spiced with paprika and features added black eye beans. Serve with sour cream and guacamole, prepare to get a little messy and dig in!

Your summer BBQ staple is sorted with these mouth-watering Chimichurri Beef Skewers! Don’t forget to serve them with our zesty Black Bean Salad.  #familyfavourite #cooking #recipe

Chimichurri Beef Skewers with Black Bean Salad

Your summer BBQ staple is sorted with these Chimichurri Beef Skewers. Serve them side by side with our tasty Black Bean Salad. It’s sure to brighten up the whole meal thanks to the colourful combination of capsicum, corn, red onion and avo. Mm mm mmm!

Buttery Baked Chicken with juicy cherry tomatoes and our delicious Black Beans...is your stomach rumbling yet?  #dinner #delicious #recipe

Baked Chicken with Black Eye Beans & Tomato

This Baked Chicken with Black Eye Beans & Tomato is the perfect dish for all seasons. You’ll always win your guests over by serving up buttery, slow cooked meat with juicy cherry tomatoes. If the weather’s hot, serve with a refreshing salad and if it’s cold, it’s roast potatoes all the way.

Beans, beans, they make a great dip and go down a treat with the right chip!  #snack #vegetarian #recipe

Black Eye Bean Dip

It's hard to believe there's this much deliciousness in a recipe that is so simple! The black eye beans give this dip a hummus-like consistency popping with hints of lemon and the spice of cayenne pepper. This is our top choice for an afternoon snack in the warmer weather!

What a standout side dish! We love the textures in this Crunchy Brown Rice Salad from Phoodie (featuring our Black Beans, of course).  #vegetarian #lunch #recipe

Crunchy Brown Rice Salad

This Crunchy Brown Rice Salad is packed with a variety of different textures and flavours that will leave your tastebuds very satisfied. There’s the freshness of the capsicum and tomato, the distinct taste of dill and the soft, creamy consistency of the added black beans. Try serving it as a side and it will spice up any main!

It’s easy to make friends with salad when there’s bacon involved! Recipe courtesy of Phoodie.  #lunch #summersalad #recipe

Bacon, Corn & Avocado Salad with Sour Cream Dressing

It’s easy to make friends with salad, especially when there’s bacon involved! There's so many tasty flavours going on, including our delicious, creamy new black beans. Trust us, this Bacon, Corn & Avocado Salad is one to add to your repertoire.

Peckish? Phoodie shows us how to get through the day with this Heirloom Tomato & Avocado Bruschetta featuring our NEW Black Eye Beans.  #vegetarian #italian #recipe

Heirloom Tomato & Avocado Bruschetta

Avo and tomato on toast is always a hit and we’ve made it even better with the addition of black eye beans. Dress it up or down, this bruschetta recipe can be used to liven up breakfast time or to serve as an appetiser. Now that’s versatility!

This Vegetarian Lasagne featuring our NEW Black Beans from Phoodie is ridiculously delicious!  #dinner #italian #recipe

Ridiculously Delicious Vegetarian Lasagne

The name says it all – this Vegetarian Lasagne is ridiculously delicious. We’ve snuck some black beans into the layers of yummy vegies and then covered the whole thing in melted cheese. This is the kind of vegetable-charged dinner the kids will love!