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These Sausage Pot Pies from Sprinkles & Sprouts are packed with a punch (and an extra vegie)!  #winter #homemade #recipe

Sausage Pot Pie

Your house will be filled with deliciously warm aromas when you give this pie recipe a whirl. Packed with sausage and lentils, this sure is one hearty dish. Serve them up in individual ramekins alongside some roasted vegetables or a simple salad for a delightful dinner.

Turn to this delicious cold weather favourite as soon as winter hits.  #homemade #cooking #recipe

Traditional Beef Pie

Ahhh, the humble beef pie is one meal that’s hard to overlook when the weather starts to turn. In this version, flaky pastry gives way to a juicy beef filling packed with peas and carrots, which we’ve thrown in to amp the vegie count. Grab a fork and dig in!

Mmm...creamy Chicken & Mushroom Pies are always a hit with the family!  #australian #familyfavourite #recipe

Chicken & Mushroom Family Pie

Chicken and mushroom goes together like bacon and egg and is just as delicious in a pie. The added Aussie peas give an extra flavour to the creamy filling, which is all encased in yummy golden pastry. Make individual pies and serve them up as finger food – they’re perfect for a party!

The perfect bite sized snack! Thanks Veggie Mama for the Asparagus & Corn Pies recipe.  #snackfood #yummy #recipe

Asparagus & Corn Pies

These bite sized pies make for the perfect afternoon snack. Asparagus and corn always go well together and the combination is so tasty with the cheesy filling. Eat them warm from the oven or save them for later, they’re delicious either way!

Who knew a pie without pastry could be so delicious?  Thanks New Idea Magazine for this great Salmon & Spinach Pie recipe.  #pie #salmon #recipe

Salmon & Spinach Pie

A pie without pastry? You bet! For this dish, we’ve used rice to create a crispy, tasty base and filled it with juicy flakes of salmon, complemented by flecks of lemon rind and a smooth sour cream and cheese filling. The added corn kernels top it all off with a burst of sweetness.

Throw this twist on the classic Pie Floater together in just three steps!  #meatpie #easy #recipe

Pie Floater

This take on a classic South Australian dish is great for inspiration when the cupboard is looking bare. You can pick up a warm meat pie from the bakery, or use a frozen variety to then cover in mash. The whole family will love this easy meal.

Whip up this tasty Egg & Bacon Pie and it will be devoured in a matter of seconds!  #pie #delicious #easyrecipe

Egg & Bacon Pie

Who would have thought just a few simple ingredients could make something this good? The added capsicum gives this pie a bit of extra colour and works well with the classic combination of egg and bacon. It only takes 10 minutes to prepare and will be gone in seconds!

Need an easy mid-week dinner? Make this tasty Pumpkin Topped Beef Cottage Pie by New Idea Magazine!  #pie #dinner #recipe

Pumpkin Topped Beef Cottage Pie

A hearty take on the classic cottage pie, this is one for the whole family. Jam packed with loads of vegies, we’ve snuck in some chick peas to give the tasty spiced mince mixture more texture. Prepare this one in advance and warm it up when the kids get home. You’ll get no complaints about a dish smothered in pumpkin and potato mash.

Wow your winter guests with these flavoursome Chicken Leek Bacon Pies.  Thanks to Effie See White for the recipe.  #pie #chicken #recipe

Chicken, Leek & Bacon Pies

When you’ve got the time to spend in the kitchen, this dish is ideal for wowing your guests in winter. Slice into the rich pastry casing to reveal tender pieces of chicken mixed with a flavoursome combination of bacon, mushroom, onion and the added peas. We like this one served up with a dollop of chilli tomato relish.

Onion and Braised Steak Pies  #pie #ausday #foodblogger #recipe #homemade #instafood #foodporn #homecook #edgell #edgellplusone

Onion and Braised Steak Pies

You can find the humble meat pie spread far across this great country, from pubs to servos to local bakeries. But the pies that are best are often the ones that are baked right in your own home. This easy pie comes together with three ingredients, and we’ve added some garden peas in to boost the vegie count.