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Want to sneak more vegies into your dishes? Sweeten the deal with this melt-in-your-mouth Lemon Slice.  #dessert #recipe #sweettreat
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Lemon Slice

If the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, this is the recipe that will take you there. The tartness of the lemon cuts through the sweetness of the mixture for an unbelievable treat. The lucky recipient of this slice will be so swept up in the deliciousness they’ll never even know there’s a vegie inside!

Get creative in the kitchen with this recipe for homemade Sweet Chilli Tuna Rice Paper Rolls!  #dinner #snack #corn

Sweet Chilli Tuna Rice Paper Rolls

You don’t have to travel to Vietnam to find a tasty recipe for rice paper rolls! Our version features delicious slices of tuna wrapped up with crunchy sticks of carrot and cucumber, and sweet bursts of corn kernels. Dip them in a bit of extra sweet chilli sauce and you’re set.

Win anyone over with these dangerously delicious Bliss Balls!  #dessert #chocolate #recipe

Bliss Balls

The name says it all. One glorious bite into these raw goodies is undeniably blissful for your tastebuds. The added chick peas provides a bit of crunch, which works wonderfully with the sweetness of the dates and the chocolatey cocoa. Trust us, these treats are your stairway to foodie heaven!

These biscuits are as Aussie as they come and we love this yummy recipe from Erin Made This.  #snack #australianfood #recipe
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Classic Aussie Biscuit

There’s not a baked treat in existence that’s more Australian than this humble biscuit. We’ve added our chick peas to the mixture to give the finished delights an extra crunch. We love making these yummy snacks all year round!

Mmm...creamy Chicken & Mushroom Pies are always a hit with the family!  #australian #familyfavourite #recipe
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Chicken & Mushroom Family Pie

Chicken and mushroom goes together like bacon and egg and is just as delicious in a pie. The added Aussie peas give an extra flavour to the creamy filling, which is all encased in yummy golden pastry. Make individual pies and serve them up as finger food – they’re perfect for a party!

A delicious Bacon & Cheddar Damper always makes for a happy camper! Thanks for the recipe Erin Made This.  #bread #australianfood #recipe
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Bacon & Cheddar Damper

Any Aussie camper knows how delicious damper is, but it’s also a fantastic snack to cook at home in a pizza oven or under the hood of the BBQ. We’ve added corn to this bacon and cheddar variation for small bursts of sweetness. This recipe is always a favourite with the whole family!

Beans, beans, they make a great dip and go down a treat with the right chip!  #snack #vegetarian #recipe

Black Eye Bean Dip

It's hard to believe there's this much deliciousness in a recipe that is so simple! The black eye beans give this dip a hummus-like consistency popping with hints of lemon and the spice of cayenne pepper. This is our top choice for an afternoon snack in the warmer weather!

Peckish? Phoodie shows us how to get through the day with this Heirloom Tomato & Avocado Bruschetta featuring our NEW Black Eye Beans.  #vegetarian #italian #recipe

Heirloom Tomato & Avocado Bruschetta

Avo and tomato on toast is always a hit and we’ve made it even better with the addition of black eye beans. Dress it up or down, this bruschetta recipe can be used to liven up breakfast time or to serve as an appetiser. Now that’s versatility!