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many people are walking around with poles attached to the ceiling and hanging on strings in front of them
Swinging Art Exhibits
Ann Hamilton's NYC Park Ave art exhibit / interactive playground / community space / sensory experience. Love that this is a no-tech experiment that uses very basic elements and materials - fabric, wooden swings - that create an interactive, new experience that's being captured and shared online and through tech.
several images of people sitting under umbrellas in the rain, with water pouring from them
curated contemporary art /// installation
stand under this beautiful lightbulb installation ..... this piece is titled cloud, and is the collaborative work of Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett. 6000 lightbulbs turning on and off in the dark night of Calgary’s Nuit Blanche this past September.
two pictures with pink and yellow post it notes on the side of a store front
mua office
to do list for New Yorkers