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THE AUSTRALIAN COLONIES for the Stage 3 History Classroom. "A student describes and explains different experiences of people living in Australia over time." (NSW History syllabus outcome HT3-2). This Pinterest board has been created as part of EDSS379 History, 2016, by Group 21 - Kerene, Vanessa and Samantha.
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Remarkable photos of 1872 gold boom in Australia

1872 gold boom in Australia,old back-and-white photo of Australia during the 1870 gold rush. Colourised by Pearse.

Some mighty big lumps of gold. Holtermann from left), Richard Ormsby Kerr (centre) and Beyers from right), with reef gold from Star of Hope mine, / American & Australasian Photographic Company, originally uploaded by State Library.

Ballaarat [i. Ballarat] Flat, Victoria, Australia, [picture] , State Library of Victoria

Gold Rush Layered Word Book - Inquiry Project

Year 4 Exploring text - Nanberry, Grim Crims and Convicts, Avoid being a convict and Captain Arthur Phillip and the First Fleet

The most potent symbol of Australia's only rebellion, the Eureka Stockade, is the blue and white Southern Cross flag. What do we know about the women who supposedly stitched the flag in one day under the cover of darkness?

Australian Gold Rush Foldable Timeline

This activity allows students to create a chronological timeline of the major…

The Australian Gold Rush for Australian Primary School Students.Stage Year History, Outcome/Inquiry Question: The impact of a significant development or event on an Australian colony

Female convicts and factory workers in the penal colony

Lives and stories of colonial women - The Arts,History

Behind the News, news gold mining technologies opening up old mines. Links to gold rush resources

Students learn about the founding of British colonies, the development of the colony of Sydney and what life was like there for different groups of people.