Meander Falls - One of the most famous features found in northern Tasmania is the Great Western Tiers. Its huge cliff faces mark the edge of a central plateau and naturally give rise to many waterfalls. The start of the most scenic walk is about 29 km south of Deloraine via the small settlement of Meander and the Meander falls road.

Meander Falls walking trail and map - best walks around Tasmania

Claude Road - Mount Roland - Mount Roland is one of the highest mountain in Tasmania, it is hard to climb as it is surrounded by rock climbers. It dominates the Sheffield district and rises to 1233 m above sea level.

Cloud Road - Mount Roland walking trail and map - best walks around Tasmania

Quamby Bluff - A good number of spectacular walking opportunities are being offered in the Great Western Tiers. Some good spots are close to Launceston as is the case with Quamby Bluff. The bluff is actually an 'island' peak set apart from the Central Plateau. It rise to 1226 m above sea level and lies alongside the Lake Highway.

Quamby Bluff walking trail and map - best walks around Tasmania

Lake Osborne - Lake Perry - The area is alpine moorland and the altitude of the walk is about 900 m. Tasmanian waratahs are abundant in the area. The infant Arve River should be crossed by the rough Hartz plateau access road. The area is about 12 km up Hartz Mountains Road from Arve Road and 1.5 km south of Waratah Lookout and tourist shelter. You may park your vehicle at the bridge and walk along the roadway for 1 km south to reach its end.

Lake Osborne - Lake Perry walking trail and map - best walks around Tasmania

Rocky Cape - Sisters Hills - Anniversary Point - A good foot track is located 5 km along the Rocky Cape Road which leads off right uphill towards Postmans Pass, Blandfordia Hill and Sisters Beach. The track is consist of 1.5 km zig-zag climb basically southwards to Postmans Pass. The Sisters Hills form a backbone to the park.

Rocky Cape - Sister Hill walking trail and map - best walks around Tasmania

Tasman Arch-Waterfall Bay - The walk starts at the Tasman Arch then go beyond the nearby Devils Kitchen and the end of the sealed tourist road. You need to travel through the quaint little settlement of Doo Town to reach the Tasman Arch. Tasman Arch is right beside the tourist road and the arch ceiling is stated to be 52.7 m above sea level.

Tasman Arch-Waterfall Bay walking trail and map - best walks around Tasmania

Westmorland Falls - Westmorland falls is located south of Mole Creek against the Great Western Tiers of the central north of the state. Plenty of interesting points are being laid out for people who wants to go on a peaceful walk. Along the way you may see low ground ferns and amid bushland including sturdy eucalyptus and mossy fern gullies.

Westmorland Falls walking trail and map - best walks around Tasmania

Waterfall Bay - Tatnells Hill - It is more fun to take your lunch at the southern slopes where you may enjoy spectacular views around. You may travel to Eaglehawk Neck to reach the starting point, then turn south through the tiny community of Doo Town to the road end at the Devils Kitchen just south of Tasman Arch. There's a good foot track that starts from the road end.

Waterfall Bay - Tatnells Hill walking trail and map - best walks around Tasmania

Waldheim - Hounslow Heath - Hounslow Heath is an area of heath moorland and is filled with a large number of plant varieties and panoramic views. Ridge Lake Dove and Crater Lake are viewed from the main exposed moorland. The start of the foot track to Hounslow Heath is located at the right when you face the front of the chalet. Do not attempt this exposed walk if there is a fog as it may spoil the walk.

Waldheim - Hounslow Heath - Crater Peak - Detailed walk information with maps