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coconut chocolate mousse- the world's best dessert (gluten free, dairy free) Try making this with stevia

I QUIT SUGAR Cheesecake recipe

Our famous sugar-free Crunchy-Nut Cheesecake is a popular addition to Christmas Day. We dressed this up with fresh raspberries to give it a festive twist - I Quit Sugar

I Quit Sugar - Spinach + Ricotta Pie

Spinach + Ricotta Pie

This Ricotta Pie by fertility expert Nat Kringoudis is super simple and filled with nourishing ingredients.

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15 Painless Ways to Crush Sugar Cravings - These research-backed tips will suppress your sweet tooth for good

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Corn kernels are an amazing natural sweetener. High in many essential vitamins they offer a great burst of flavour to any dish. This is the perfect summer breakfast, healthy, colourful and naturally balanced.

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Healthy choc mousse, disguising spinach and avocado. Who'd have thunk? Did you know green vegetables like spinach are great for your eye health? Check out this delish chocolate mousse to keep your peepers sharp as a tack.