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several wooden sticks are lined up next to each other with orange cones on the top
Making Herbal Incense - Mother Earth Living
three beads are hanging from a hook on a wall
Fall Is Here! With a Giveaway and New Sets...
several different colored beads are hanging from a string on a wooden table with other items in the background
Handmade ceramic bead keyring - heart design
a hand holding a bunch of different colored beads with leaves attached to the bead
Handmade ceramic bead keyring - heart design
Constructed of handmade ceramic beads, these are such fun to make! Each keyring is made of 5 beads with a heart bead at the end. All beads are handmade by me in my home studio, glazed and fired twice in my kiln. They are attached to the keyring with faux leather cord. All of these are different and you would be allocated one randomly (unless you specify a particular item). Please see my other keyring designs with beads and leaves. Length approximately 12cm
there are many small white objects on the table next to a large knife and brush
How To Make Ceramic Beads Magazine Article Artisan Jewelry Times
three black and white balls are laying on the sand next to each other in an intricately designed pattern
three chocolate lollipops sitting on top of a lace covered table cloth next to a wooden skewer
Töpfern - Bine Brändle | Clay pottery, Clay stamps, Clay ceramics
Kuching, Herbal Magic, Indian Incense, Herbal Healing
how to make incense cones with chocolate and cinnamon on a tray next to some teapots
How to Make Incense Cones
there are many wooden dowks on the table
Incense Making Made Unserious
herbs that you can burn as incense Herbs, Healing Herbs, Herbalism
How to Make Incense Cones
Homemade Inscent Cones
Repost from @rootedremembrance • There is a lot of yucky synthetic ingredients in a lot of incense on the market, but luckily it is SO easy to make your own!! 🌿🌸 This recipe creates such a beautiful back-flow that is mesmerizing to watch! Only thing that really needs to stay in the recipe is the maca, marshmallow root, or some type of herb that can act as a binder. With all the other herb powders you can play around to make your desired smell! The incense I make in this recipe are lavender, cinnamon, and ginger and it smells oh so good when burned! ☺️ #incense #herbalremedies #diycrafts #diy #naturalremedies #spiritualtools #incenseburner #herbalism #greenwitch