Ynai Porter

Ynai Porter

So little to do and soo much time , NO, wait... scratch that "reverse it" , WILLY WONKA
Ynai Porter
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Measurement Activity On our second day of capacity, I had my cuties predict how many cubes would fit into this bowl. After they recorded their predictions on this chart, we completed the investigation and learned the capacity was 57 cubes.

Archimedes' Bath - Pamela Allen - Every time Mr Archimedes has a bath with his friends, the water overflows. Somebody must be putting extra water in the bath. Is it Kangaroo? Or is it Goat or Wombat? Whoever it is, Mr Archimedes is going to find out.

A set of 10 fun, hands-on challenge activities to investigate capacity. Great for reinforcing key vocabulary and concepts. The visual capacity challenge cards also come with a ‘Teacher Guide’ – ideal for double-sided laminating.

Measurement Inquiry - For CAP classrooms, this could double in the discovery center with a graph (children put their name under the color they think has the most)-- Use non-breakable PLASTIC jars and hot glue the lids on.

The Imagination Tree: Exploring Capacity with Coloured Water. ah, better start saving bottles! this looks like it will be fun with the weather warming up.