Gardening in Small Spaces

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a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden table next to two pieces of wood
four red plant markers sitting on top of dirt next to a green plant with the words, diy plant markers make custom plant markers for your garden this year
DIY Plant Markers: Crafting Custom Clay Plant Markers
Use terracotta air-dry clay to make a set of customized plant markers for your garden this year. Perfect for your herb, vegetable, or flower gardens to mark what plants that you are growing. Give your garden an English cottage feel instead of using the plastic markers that come with your plants.
a person with gardening gloves and boots digging in dirt
Know which plants go together with Strategic Companion Planting.
Carrots love tomatoes and vice versa because carrots repel enemy pests of tomatoes, and tomatoes repel pests that endanger carrots. By following a vegetable garden companion planting guide, you can save time and money trying to defend your crop against pests and disease.
a garden with many different types of flowers and plants growing in the middle of it
Calle Abbey vegetables gardens 2018