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How to Use a Cooler for Food - If you don't have a refrigerator, you can store a lot of fresh produce in a cooler with these tips on how to set up the cooler so all the food isn't in the melt water.

Racks-in-cooler to separate food from ice. And use block ice rather than small ice: make your own in empty gallon jugs. If placing ice on bottom, remove ice from jugs. If placing ice on top, leave it in the jugs.

6 Great Moves For Arm Definition | Tone and Tighten

6 Great Moves For Arm Definition

how to foam roll like a pro

How to Foam Roll Like a Pro: HIGHLY recommend this for anyone running or sore after increasing activity level. These foam rollers are miracle workers and will keep you active and heading towards your goals! Beeezus it hurts like hell though lol WORTH IT!