Papaver 'Princess Victoria Louise' - full sun & interplanted with Iris = beautiful.

This is a definite someday! I miss poppies Papaver Princess Victoria Louise. Had these 20 years ago befor my yard got so shaded. Going to start a sun garden this year and have to remember how much I love these interplanted with Iris.

The Flat: Illustrated guide to watering house plants — June Letters Design Blog

The Flat: House Plants Watering Instructions

Hot Cactus in Echo Park, Los Angeles

happy weekend

10¹² Terra Hydro Terrarium - Small

Hydro Terrarium - Small

succulentsandcactus: “moodboardmix: “Hydro Terrarium by Daisuke Tsumanuma & Kenichi Yamada. ” actually, thats not good for the roots because of the light but it’s a cacti ”

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