mid-century modern perfection: john lautner's elrod house in palm springs

Talk about space-ship-galactic-mid-century-modern perfection! Take a look at this living room! (John Lautner's Elrod House, Palm Springs, CA)

Mid-century modern carpet ad, 1961. "Hey baby, step into the conversation pit in my sunken living room. Check out my floating fireplace and my pink and yellow color-blocking. You know you'll love it." ("It sure is swell," the hapless, innocent man replied.)

Vintage photo of a Mid Century Modern home. I have always liked sunken living rooms/conversation pits. Love the pops of white against a colorful backdrop!

Mid century modern. One panel of glass all the way to the raked ceiling. Entire wall is glass except for columns. Dropped ceiling area to one side

PAVING Unabashedly modern California house designed by A. One of the most distinctive themes of mid-century modern homes is the concept of inside/outside living. This is one of the appealing aspects of living in a mid-century modern home

TWA terminal at JFK (1962), New York, New York, designed by Eero Saarinen - gorgeous!

Stunning Images of Mid-Century Modern Airport Interiors

TWA Flight Center, Idlewild Airport, 1962 [via The Design Observer Group] - Stunning Images of Mid-Century Modern Airport Interiors