Darling, doesn't this wisteria remind you of home? The lake, the wisteria, our beautiful garden and our deck. I miss our coffee in the mornings on the deck and reading all the newspapers. It's so pretty here in Spain though.

The Mazer Visual team worked on an exciting residential project for a property on Glenhuntly Road, Melbourne. The team were able to capture essences of the city and countryside in this modern yet green design.


Liriope muscari 'Royal Purple' - great for shade and it's a very good flowerer, from September to November, with many rich purple flower spikes.

Waterhousia floribunda hedge. Mod Wood decking. Bellevue Hill, NSW Australia. Anthony Wyer + Associates

Waterhousia Floribunda Outside the laundry window - this native hedge would be perfect!

English ivy

English ivy is a good ground cover underneath trees. English ivy grows best in shade; and some types of grass will not grow under the shade of a tree. If the ivy grows up the trunk of the tree, shear it back.

Waterhousia floribunda - WEEPING LILLY PILLY

Waterhousia floribunda - WEEPING LILLY PILLY