Gingerbread House

Chocolate bars make excellent shingles for gingerbread houses. I'd like to try white chocolate! // I like the idea of doing edible places in town as an in-class, group activity.

these colors are inSANE!

A beautiful Christmas wreath made with Australian native flowers. It’s always nice to add a touch of Australian charm to Christmas and these flowers and foliage are perfect as they dry well and last ages! Pic by Dig Gardens

Mmmm yum! A refreshingly icy watermelon punch with lime and mint + some bubbly! Perfect for our hot Australian Christmas…

Every time I go for Mexican food, I hope to find watermelon aqua fresca. There is something so perfectly refreshing about this drink f.

wish i could make cookies... then i'd make these for Christmas... :) Australian Christmas..!

Melted snowman cookie: spoon a puddle of icing onto a sugar cookie, add a marshmallow head, use icing for the face, arms, buttons etc.