More ideas from ElinTUT
This is graphic sequence use in the product design. It's all about the illustration integrate into the life.  The designer link each series with a simple story, very clever way. In this poker series, designer let animal's different body part become to different poker element, and he also considered the color. There are only three color for this poker (include the background) due to designer want to leave his poker design clearly enough.

"Pack of Dogs” playing cards designed by John Littleboy in 2006 & produced by Inky Dinky. The other three decks are Mermaid Queen, Bag of Bones, & Kitten Club.

This graphic design constrained visual language is showing the glob warming, The melting ice-cream is relevant to the melting ice in earth.  This poster is very easy to understand for any ages. The background is suit to the universe, and the melting ice-cream is at the a little bit right hand side. This make people feel not so pressure than the object on the middle.

This WWF poster depicts the devastating effects of global warming. It shows that global warming is happening now and so shouldn't be dismissed.

This is a very effective advertisement for the Lego. It's showing the feature of Lego model that is use the most simple thing to present the complex thing. The background color is blue that is related to the poster's theme, The main idea for this poster is about dream, imagination and creative. It's simple and effective.

This pin is an advertisement for lego and hows two simple blocks which combine to form the shadow of a battleship. It subtly tells the narrative of how simple blocks can be combined with a child's imagination to form other forms.