Modern designed deck with garden bench, copper fountain feature and pond, with privacy hedges, inc better plants?

wood patterns

Even the wood itself can be a feature; the shapes, colors and widths in this deck, from conceptLANDSCAPE, combine to create a unique look.

Seating bench / deck  around tree

Clean lines and a simple palette of plants with different textures define this small courtyard garden. An outdoor room entertaining space and different levels provide easy living and a valuable asset that will grow and improve with time.

Parklet outside of Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, North Beach

Mini parks sprouting up in parking spaces in San Francisco! What a great use of urban space and Social Permaculture (growing/gathering Community).

Wooden Deck

My husband doesn't always enjoy cooking on the concrete patio in the backyard. He wants to set the grill on something nice. We both agree that timber decking could add a bit more to our backyard and dining experience.

timber decking cad - Google Search

MillHill Terrace - modern - patio - sydney - by ANNA CARIN Design-wood and concrete deck to denote separate areas. Space between deck and wall for planting beds. Mirror along background wall for an illusion of space. Cupboard in far right

Wooden Deck

Cleaning your hardwood flooring and deck often will not only make it look better but will also maintain the integrity of the wood.

Wooden Deck Weathered

Wooden Deck Weathered

Wooden Deck

Wooden Deck

Wooden Deck with Trees

City Square Developing in Luxembourg Designed by AllesWirdGut: Wooden deck with trees, City Square Developing