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the words hello july are written in different colors and shapes, including watercolors
Oh hello!
a blue background with the words life is very short insecivity is a waste of time
the words and the wine is written in gold glitter on a white background with a black border
@laurenpell.photography !!! Congratulations Lauren! I'll be getting in touch via DM and sending you the entire Tallulah Planner collection! A massive thankyou to everyone else who entered - I wish I could give a bundle away to all of you! Watch out soon though as I'll be doing a July giveaway very shortly! @cardar13 @octoberrose413 @raetothewyn @beyond_outer_beauty @dipequenina @princessdavid @kimmii_kay @aprilrain9 @c_lory @perfectlyimperfect0825 @bm_tawfic @taylorsaurusrex91 @brittlove_tx @
the quote is written in white on a green background
The inspirational #emmawatson
a blue and gold patterned planner spread out on top of a white background with the words,
You'll love this awesome weekly planner in the relaxing Tallulah design. Featuring boxes for daily events and appointments along with priorities meal planner to do list and a super handy 'next week' list this weekly planner is bound to help you simplify and get organized. This planner is part of my Weekly Planner Bundle which has 8 different weekly designs. And don't forget the Tallulah Planners are 15% off for the month of June which ends tomorrow - so if you'd like some head over to my websit
the words 4 ways to find more time on a blue background with palm trees and watercolor
New post on the blog! Featuring some practical ways to find more time so you can spend it on the important things that matter to you! And no I'm not going to suggest you get up an hour earlier! #elizaellis #findingtime #importantthings #mumgoals
an image of a desk calendar on top of a piece of paper that says it's a beautiful day
One of the gorgeous undated daily planners from the Tallulah Collection! This design has always been such a favorite with readers - there's heaps of room for to-do's as well as priorities appointments habits and and a meal planner! You'll have no trouble organizing your day with this planner! Check out the Daily Planner Bundle now - link in bio. #elizaellisplanners
a quote on what could we accomplish if we knew we could not fail?
the quote you can't be that kid standing at the top of the water slide, over thinking it you have to go down the chute
four different designs with blue, green and gold accents on them are featured in this collage
an assortment of blue, green and gold paint samples
the words hello june are written in gold and blue, surrounded by images of flowers
#conqueryourfears #regretnothing #marilynmonroe Motivational Quotes, Marilyn Monroe, Planners And Organizers, To Do Lists, Printable Planners, Free Printable, Free Printables, Projects To Try
#conqueryourfears #regretnothing #marilynmonroe
an open planner with the words and the winners are on it, next to two notebooks
... @claudiarobbieandre @pennypeters and @amandakueblerco Congratulations guys!! You get to put together your perfect planner from anything in my store! Thank you so much to everyone who entered - and all the kind messages and posts I've received this week - you guys are awesome!
a quote from julia child that says, find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it
#juliachild #passion #tootrue