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an artistic sculpture in the middle of a park surrounded by trees and grass, with metal rods hanging from it's sides
Tube Pavilion / Megabudka
Tube Pavilion by Megabudka
a woman is walking in front of several white cubes that are stacked on top of each other
bureaubetak: Lacoste RTW SS14 Saturday september 7th 2013 Lincoln Center Produced and designed by Bureau Betak
an empty room with multiple partitions in the middle and one on the other side
Air Freight Domestic -
"DAYDREAM" light installation by Nonotak
an abstract painting with black and white lines on the bottom, above it is a cloud in the sky
Fabian Bürgy
*karri upson, smoke and oil on panel Abstract Art, Art, Dark Photography, White Art, Visual Art, Art Music, Dark Matter, Contemporary Paintings
*karri upson, smoke and oil on panel
three brick blocks with neon lights on them in an empty room, one is standing up and the other is sitting down
Jose Davila's Gravity-Defying Sculptures | Yellowtrace
Jose Dávila's Sculptural Exhibition at Galería OMR in Mexico City | Yellowtrace
a white object is shown on a beige background with small squares in the middle and bottom
artboard - cinoh: whitehotel: Dan Roach, Homebound (2012)
Dan Roach, Homebound (2012)
an abstract image of lines and squares in black and white
Page - Space / Installation 13 — Eun Hye Kang
Eun Hye Kang | Full or Empty #02, 2014 | Cotton Yarn
a bunch of balls that are sitting on top of a white surface, in the shape of a ball
Ben Butler
a black and white photo of a person on a skateboard in an empty room
Pages from my moleskine: My work
a person standing in the middle of an empty room with columns and pillars on either side
Boros bunker
an empty room with pink walls and concrete flooring
skyspace, james turrell
an old black and white photo of some sort of netted fabric with holes in it
Honeycomb Drawing
Saatchi Online Artist: Marlene Huissoud; Pen and Ink, 2013, Drawing "Honeycomb"
an empty room with mirrors in it