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a bath tub sitting in the middle of a bathroom
Wren House, Mt Martha
Wren House, Mt Martha, Mornington Peninsula | Domo Collections
a bath room with a sink and a bath tub next to a mirror on the wall
a bathroom sink sitting under a mirror next to a wooden shelf with flowers in it
Altair — Studio Benson
Altair — Studio Benson
a bath tub sitting next to a toilet in a bathroom under a skylight on the wall
10 bathrooms with built-in bathtubs that prove they're a minimalist alternative to freestanding styles
the kitchen is clean and ready for us to use
Photographer Eve Wilson’s Perfect Inner-City Family Home
a kitchen counter top with wooden cabinets and tile backsplash in the backround
Vermland kitchen Vol I & II in oak and stainless steel. Beautiful interior design by @lumierebricoleur. photos… | Instagram
a kitchen with an oven, dishwasher and sink in it's center island
Cobargo Santa Project | Laminex Australia