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Morphe 35b - Colour Glam pallette

Loveee my new eyeshadow palette from this is the palette, so bright and pigmented its what I used to do my purple makeup look. It has a few shimmery eyeshadows but most of them are matte emoji emojiemoji️emojiemojiemojiemoji

∆ A Way of the Wise... Solitary

As a disabled solitary living a very solitary life, it's important to remember that one is never alone. My cat familiars and all the sentients of nature are always with me. It's important for me (and others in similar aloneness) to be mindful of my unit

Samantha Helen (@samanthahelenmua) on Instagram: “#myartistcommunity_uk #Halloween #skeletonfacepaint #skeletonfacepaint #boo #facepaintgbyme ”

Samantha Helen (@samanthahelenmua) on Instagram: “#myartistcommunity_uk #Halloween #skeletonfacepaint #skeletonfacepaint #boo #facepaintgbyme ”


What is Wicca? Truth for all those who seem to think it is all about sacrificing animals and babies. Probably the most peaceful religion around.

thats what we are

Macbeth only is somewhat civil to the witches so that he may use their power for his selfish greed. Today, witches use power either for themselves in religious or meditative ways, or to heal others, such as with herbalism.

Sigil to help your deepest wishes come true

Sigil to make myself sexually attractive to my husband requested by

Past life spell )0(

Past life spell. Astral projection to view your past lives, this is only the incantation. Make sure you prepare physically and mentally for this.