Recipe for Power Muffins – Greek yogurt, blueberries, and oatmeal will have you a POWER breakfast. @katerinamaslaro

POWER muffins: blueberry+oatmeal+yogurt=POWER

POWER muffins: blueberries, oatmeal, & greek yogurt --these were yummy.I had to use more yogurt than the recipe called for but YMMV. I used vanilla Greek yogurt since that's what I had.

Chocolate Weetabix slices, mmm yes please!

Chocolate Weetbix Slice

Chocolate Weetabix slices - tried this and was very nice, didn't have any coconut in though but was still yummy.

Vicki-Kitchen: Oat Cookies (slimming world friendly)

I found few different cookie and biscuit recipes that could be slimming world friendly so sorry cant credit everyone but have tweaked the m.

The Cooking Photographer: Weetabix Butterscotch Cookies

I don’t feel like myself this week. I feel more like a midwestern mom with four children and a pastor husband. Not my quirky rebellious nort.

Peanut butter and weetabix cookies

Peanut butter and weetabix cookies

Good Food, Shared: Weetabix Chocolate Chip Cookies

Seriously a really easy recipe, there are more photographs than words in this post! This is my last Weetabix post for now, these are re.

Weetabix cake recipe - goodtoknow

Weetabix cake

Weetabix cake This cake is a healthier option than your usual cake recipe thanks to the genius addition of Weetabix to the mix. The fibre-rich cereal is balanced out with a mixture of fruit including banana, which r