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During the first half of my career as a lawyer, women were always asked if they were a lawyer.  Funny, Judges, coiurt reporters and Judges' assistants never asked me that. - Kiera for We Leave No One Behind

because I hear this all the time: "You are just working to support your family, aren't you? You are not a career woman." And by career woman they mean something absolutely terrible. I am as career woman as working men are career men.

#YesAllWomen - Slate - In the wake of Elliot Rodger: Why is it so hard for men to recognise misogyny

Why Men Don't See the Harassment Women Experience. Yes, All Women. Men are more likely to defer to another man's domain than to accept a woman's rejection of him

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Artist and fashion illustrator Daisy Bernard created the illustrations in the wake of the burkini ban on beaches in France and inspired by a similar drawing by French artist LaSauvageJaune. She wanted to show exactly how it feels to be a woman in