Completely Kindergarten: Ocean Unit

Completely Kindergarten: Ocean Unit Sea turtles traveling through the ocean by currents. Paper plate turtles with sea turtle writing stapled to the back.

Painting Aussie Wattle (with pom poms). Fun kids activity for Australia Day, or just to learn about our native Australian flora

Wattle Painting with Pom Poms {Aussie Art for Kids

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Art with Kids: Cardboard Crocodiles

Egyptian Party : activity idea : Art with Kids: Cardboard Crocodiles for the Nile

Move Like and Animal Run like an Emu Hop like a Kangaroo Snap like a Crocodile Climb like a Koala Slither like a Snake Flap like a Kookaburra

Move like an Australian animal dice game from House of Baby Piranha. Fun idea to get the kids (and adults!) using their gross motor skills.

Swagman hat craft -- this is what the Australian herders used to keep the insects away

Explore our Australian crafts for kids - including some aboriginal dot art, a homemade didgeridoo, a boomerang craft and a cork hat, Australian animal crafts and Australia Day crafts.