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victoria crowned pigeon

Victoria Crowned Pigeon: One of the largest pigeon, they are native to low lands of New Guinea. Both sexes look alike with bluish grey body with maroon or carmine breast, red iris and unique silky white tipped flower like crest.

Little Lynx lady-trio Born at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.

One proud set of parents at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo have three reasons to celebrate this summer: the birth of European Lynx kitten triplets. The all-female trio, born in June to parents Maja and Timo, have spent their first weeks of.

Penguin chick a special delivery at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo!

Fort Wayne Children's Zoo welcomed an African black-footed penguin into their colony recently. He is their first chick in three years.

You must have been a beautiful Victoria Crowned Pigeon chick...

On June a pair of Victoria Crowned Pigeons, Violet & Ozzy, hatched a healthy chick for the first time at Colchester Zoo. The chick was first seen with its head peering out of the nest by keepers on the.

Two week old snow leopard triplets at Woodland Park Zoo. These tiny furballs still haven't opened their eyes!

Dont hold back your squeesthese cubs are absolutely adorable. They are ambassadors for an endangered species that scientists estimate numbers as few as in the wild. Photo by Ryan Hawk/Woodland Park Zoo.