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Emily2006@gmail.com Fredandgeorgerule

Emily2006@gmail.com Fredandgeorgerule
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This proves, however naughty he was, that Remus Lupin was a truly great person!! Still miss you Moony!

I don't think I can ever not love Remus. They need to make a movie about him, just him. And maybe Sirius. James can be there to. And Charlotte of course. Just turn my fanfic into a movie OKAY<<<< Remus is just too nice ^^

the marauders - sirius and regulus

the marauders - sirius and regulus>>>>>> "nice to finally talk with you face to face Sirius. *slaps his head* you blithering idiot you never listen. *hugs desperately* ive missed you little brother"<<<Aww

Headcanon accepted!! Nothing can convince me that this is not true!

Nothing can convince me that this is not true! But he would have only done pranks with no collateral damage to other students! I FIRMLY BELIEVE THAT!

But this would make it so much sadder when Sirius dies!

"Dadfoot" and "Moomy". I still can't get over the fact that they died (Padfoot in Battle at Dep. of Mysteries and Moony in Battle of Hogwarts)