Dimensions (WxDxH): 14cm x 11cm x 18cm

This fountain will be a delight for your living room, home or office.

23cm W x 23cm D x 21cm H

Take a look at this Tower Cascade fountain, it comes with crystal glass ball that spins while the LED light shoots up underneath of it. Feature:Colorful LED light featureDurable poly resin made

15 cm W x 20 cm D x 25 cm H

15 cm W x 20 cm D x 25 cm H

18cm W x 18cm D x 22cm H

The water stream down to the class cup with few river stone surrounded and then travels downward into the base. Water Glass fountain brings the calming feeling and the soft sound of cascading water to your desk.

20cm W x 13cm D x 23cm H

The glass art fountain provides flowing waterfall. The soft water sound could clear your mind and melt away tension in your own private sanctuary.

Dimensions (WxDxH): 18cm x 12cm x 22cm

This tabletop fountain features 3 playful puppies sitting on the stake of rocks. The puppies relax as they observe the water flows from the wood bucket.

23cm x 23cm x 20cm

Take a look at the Cave Cascade tabletop fountain. It comes with a crystal glass ball that spins while LED light shoots through from below. FEATURES Colourful L