Yeah, that pretty much explains Australias hot weather

And rn it's like living in Antarctica I'm so jelly of you americans with ur beach days even though its not even winter here its like 3 degrees

This royal gift, which can’t be a good idea. | 29 Times Tumblr Was The Realest About Australian Wildlife

This royal gift, which can't be a good idea.

People in Australia are funny

People in Australia are funny

The people at the Australian Tourism website have an awesome sense of humor. Who knew? These are hilarious answers. I love the Aussies.

Lol I know for a fact the last one on the right isn't, I used the picture to help me for Halloween makeup. You should find it somewhere with "Halloween scratched face latex makeup"

Lol this shit is hilarious drop bears rare not real it's just something we do to fuck with you they are probably shark or croc marks