Musk Cottage. Flinders, Mornington Peninsula. Weekender of Rick Eckersley.

It was pouring with rain the day I got to see Musk Cottage as part of the Australian Landscape Conference tour. But it was such a wonderful garden, … Continue reading →

Is it Time to Reconsider Using Australian Natives?

Do your part to minimize stormwater runoff by learning about rain garden designs. These clever, simple gardens help mitigate runoff while adding a beauty spot to your property. A rain garden is easy to build, and it more than pays… Continue Reading →

I would love a path like this down to the beautiful!

the style saloniste: Fields of Vision: Nature Glorified If I had a terraced back yard this is pretty.

Australian Coastal Style - 7 steps to achieve this look - Making your HOME beautiful

Australian Coastal Style - 7 steps to achieve this look

The sun shining through the Corymbia citriodora at Musk Cottage. Captured beautifully by @alisongriffithsphotographer #ega #muskcottage

One of the many 'garden rooms' in Rick Eckersley's beautiful and rambling garden. In our current issue. Photo by Alison Hoelzer.

Australian Natives got a bad name thanks to the scruffy gardens of the 1970s, but they're drought tolerant, easy to maintain, and versatile. And, as you'll see in the following images, Australian...

With a remnant bushland backdrop, this Sam Cox-designed garden in Wattle Glen (Victoria, Australia), is a wonderful example of how traditional natives, indigenous plants and considered design create a sense of place.