Mini Pizzas

Mini Deep Dish Pizzas

Mini deep dish pizzas made in muffin tins. Super easy and low cal! I make them with whole wheat tortillas and low sugar pizza sauce. Perfect for nights when you're craving pizza but can't spare the calories.

Savory Muffins -   Whether you're off to Flemington, in front of the telly or at work, these delicious muffins are a winner no matter who you bet on!

Savoury picnic muffins

Hot dog kebabs recipe with corn tortillas & avocado cilantro dip.

hot dog skewers & creamy avocado dip with corn tortillas on the skewer. (I think chicken would be better than hot dogs, but I like the idea of a taco on a stick)

Chicken and avocado tortilla cones

Chicken and avocado tortilla cones


Scrumptious Savoury Muffins

The kids will love rolling up these tasty tortillas and then eating them!

Chicken and avocado tortilla cones

Plate up piping hot apple pie with delicious chunks of apples for a spectacular winter dessert.

Ham and cheese

The Secret Ingredient: School Lunch: Healthy, Make-Ahead Alternatives ("Lunchbox Roll" recipe)

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