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Edge painted business cards by Blush°° (great colors + edge painting!)

Edge painted business cards by Blush°° (great colors + edge painting!) Really want to do this with my next set of biz cards

Mildred & Co. | Auckland, New Zealand

In branding using a person's name can help create rapport & trust with the customer. For example, Mildred & Co's Logo, is loaded with old world connotations & thus can come to represent experience, trust & community with a sense of familiarity.

Type & Photos

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Personal Logomark

This is an awesome logo. There is no need for color due to the clear cut statement the font has made. // Personal Logomark by Dustin Hysinger / dribble

This logotype is simple, neat, and original. Just one subtle change makes the logo recognizable. The font is elegant and, but still playful using the appearance that the letter "O" is bouncing. The movement of the type is very effective.