Erulisse Of Fletcher/ Bia

Erulisse Of Fletcher/ Bia

Hi I'm Erulissë. I'm crazy about horses and I love Skyrim and minecraft. I'm rather interested in a lot of things however and love a good book (about horses)
Erulisse Of Fletcher/ Bia
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Girl Skyrim Players

Exactly every time i tell a guy i play skyrim they give me a look like im crazy

Awww :( this is true

Trying to save the Dark Brotherhood like.this is not funny.>>>>> HOw daRE YOu! Legitimate tears were shed when I saw Veezara dead. I killed every enemy mercilessly and sliced them afterwards.

Skyrim logic

) Found this on the Skyrim Memes page. Reminds me of Marge Septim, my character in Skyrim.