Oliver Sacks: What hallucination reveals about our minds | Video on TED.com

Neurologist and author Oliver Sacks brings our attention to Charles Bonnet syndrome -- when visually impaired people experience lucid hallucinations.

▶ DAYDREAM - A Song for Epilepsy by Andrea Menoudakis - YouTube

16 year old Andrea has epilepsy but epilepsy doesn't have her! Andrea is in a ROCK band with her sister Sara, brother David, cousin Josh and family friend .

I have epilepsy, epilepsy does not have me - YouTube - Meet the amazing Ash! What an inspiring video.

I have epilepsy, epilepsy does not have me

Epilepsy Action Online Academy

Epilepsy Action Online Academy

Messages from Young People with Epilepsy - YouTube

Messages from Young People with Epilepsy

NYU Journalism Primary Sources, Part 1 - author of 'The spirit catches you and you fall down'

Ted Conover interviews Anne Fadiman about her new non-fiction novel.

Dr Kate Riney - Sleepovers and Pool Parties

Have you ever worried about letting your child with epilepsy go to a pool party or sleepover? Dr Kate Riney talks about strategies to enab.

Here's a blast from the past! Purple Day 26th March -Epilepsy Action Australia

Purple Day March) is a global initiative dedicated to raising epilepsy awareness.

Dr Dan McLaughlin - Seizures and Sport

Ever wondered about participating in group and competitive sports with epilepsy? Dr Dan McLaughlin shares his thoughts on the subject.

Dr Kate Riney - Seizure Names

Sometimes the language medical staff use can sound like a foreign language at times. Dr Kate Riney explains the naming of seizures.

Epilepsy Action Australia CSA

Epilepsy Action Australia CSA

Doctor Andrew Bleasel talks about Dental Health

Dr Andrew Bleasel on Seizure Control

Dr Laurie Miller - Remembering Medications

Keep forgetting to take your medications? Dr Laurie Miller, Neuropsychologist who specialises in memory issues in people living with epilepsy offers a range .

Emergency ID Australia Products Explanation

Product demonstration for medical Identification products available at Emergency ID Australia. Membership is also explained.

BCS Care Call (Emergency Response Service) > Home

BCS Care Call (Emergency Response Service) > Home