Irideth Catcoombs

Irideth Catcoombs

Irideth Catcoombs
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1830s black silk knitted mitts with elaborate gold beading. Photo:  Kyoto Costume Institute, by Naoya Hatakeyama

Because they allow fingers to be freely moved, mitts are more functional than gloves. They became popular in the late century. Some fashion plates of the period depict women embroidering or reading when wearing such mitts.

British Shoes wool, linen, silk   1750–69  The very bold, colorful, and finely worked flame stitch upper is an immediate eye-catcher on this pair of latchet shoes.   A common embroidery style, flame stitch canvas work is preserved in many specimens from the period, although this example has an unusual level of variety in the pattern

These shoes pictured have the Louis heel which was a curved heel that was very popular in the century. Of wool, linen and silk (printed silk covers the Louis heel). From the Metropolitan Museum Museum of Art

Afternoon dress  1885

Afternoon dress, 1885 The passementerie on this elegant dress is clearly influenced by the Arts and Crafts design aesthetic which was extremely popular 1880 and This is an excellent example of how a movement which is mostly based in architecture and