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Erashmal Perera

Erashmal Perera
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Artist uses cups as canvas for documenting everyday life in Tokyo

In her ‘Drawing to Go’ project, Tokyo-based artist Mariya Suzuki doodles the things she sees in everyday life using paper cups as her canvas.

Artist creates elegant tattoos made from only one continuous line

While other artists incorporate a variety of elements - ranging from watercolor to sketches – in their tattoos, Berlin-based artist Mo Ganji only uses one:

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I got 47 out of 53 points! Match the Icon to the Animated Classic | Oh My Disney

I got 53 out of 53 correct! -Long live the king! We are in awe of your epic Disney icon knowledge. Congratulations on being a genius. Here’s the new Big Hero 6 icon for acing this quiz.- Match the Icon to the Animated Classic

Smiley face ice cream will unexpectedly terrify you when it starts melting

Looking to go on a diet? This brand of ice cream just might help you stay away from ice cream forever. In Japan, there’s a cup of ice cream called ‘Panapp’