Dangerous Creatures from Celtic Folklore

Illustrations of dangerous creatures and unseelie beasties from Celtic folklore. Includes the Each Uisge, Baobhan Sith, Gancanagh, Mermaid and Merrow, Kelpie, Swan Maiden and Puca or Pwca.
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THE LEGENDS OF THE LAND: (OR The ganconer intrigued and enticed young women by talking to them. They fell hopelessly in love with him that when he deserted them they pined away and died for love of him.

Mermaid and Merrow

watercolour (dangerous creatures from folklore series) "How am I supposed to find a handsome young fisherman, cousin, if you keep sc. Mermaid and Merrow

Swan Maiden

watercolour (dangerous creatures from folklore series) Swan Maidens are generally very shy of humans, with good reason after so many have tried to .