Kids play area + toy storage

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an empty room with blue cabinets and drawers
Maatwerk van Zukini - Kasten van Zukini
a room divider made out of wood in front of a desk with a computer on it
Melbourne Interior Design Studio | Sisalla Interior Design
the cat is sitting on the window sill in the room
Cavaa designs colourful built-in furniture for an apartment in Spain
an empty room with pink walls and wooden flooring is pictured in this image, there are shelves on either side of the closet
Apartamento com muita iluminação natural - Casa de Valentina
a room with a desk, chair and bookcase in the corner next to it
Urban Zen House | Shira Lavi BD | Archello
three chairs are sitting in front of a table with vases on it
Annie's and Elsie's vintage rainbow room by Odd Sock, Odd Shoe
Studio Rollers Around The World | Blog
Studio Rollers Around The World | Blog
an empty office space with white cabinets and drawers on the wall, along with hardwood flooring
Why startups should hack IKEA for the ultimate office space